Healthcare Innovation Programme

Initially focused on ten African countriesCitation, the Healthcare Innovation Programme was launched by PCI in 2016, in partnership with founding investor African financial services group Letshego.

We’re connecting with health system strengthening initiatives, with focus on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – ‘silent killers’ like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as respiratory conditions and mental health.

We offer a package of support founded on evidence-based guidance that improves diagnosis and treatment of NCDs, whilst keeping costs down. Our support for innovation includes:

  • Identifying and sharing examples of innovations from other countries and contexts
  • Strategic reviews, helping to identify priorities for healthcare systems in tackling NCDs
  • Pragmatic evidence-based ‘Field Guides’ that helps clinicians apply national clinical guidelines
  • Training programmes and ongoing, long-term skills development for healthcare teams

What do we mean by innovation?

Innovation has always included new drugs and new treatments, but today it means much more. It also means stopping the costs of healthcare from spiralling out of control through prevention, early diagnosis without expensive referral, and long-term access to affordable treatment. It means patient record systems in place, and ways to improve adherence to treatment plans. It means healthcare professionals who are motivated to improve quality, and who keep their skills up-to-date.

Perhaps most of all, innovation also requires new ways to fund healthcare – ways that may combine state funding with contributions from employers, insurers and long-term donors as well as individuals themselves.

Primary healthcare – family medicine, in the community – has a key role to play. And Primary Care International is dedicated to working with others to make quality care affordable and sustainable, bringing the latest evidence-based standards and high quality training for healthcare teams.

Our first partnerships launched in Kenya and Rwanda in 2016. Read more about our first partnership under this programme on our news page


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What’s different about this initiative?

This initiative is designed to help close the gap between theory and practice. PCI has a track record of helping clinicians implement theoretical guidelines, and create lasting systems to deliver cost-effective healthcare. The initiative draws on the expertise of UK-trained General Practitioners, who are on the front line of delivering one of the most cost-effective healthcare systems in the world.

Do you provide funding?

No, we provide subsidised start-up support for the project. If there’s a good fit between us, we’ll work with you to implement your innovation or improvement. The initial costs of the project may be subsidised by Letshego, but this won’t cover the ongoing long-term costs of your initiative. Therefore we are looking for projects that have a realistic long-term funding plan or a funding model you wish to test.