Seeking new team members for the PCI Clinical Team

As PCI grows, we are seeking new team members with international experience to join our highly regarded freelance team delivering projects working in partnership with local and global organisations to strengthen primary health care. We are currently seeking:

  • Nurse practitioners with experience working in resource-poor settings
  • General Practitioners / family doctors with experience working in resource-poor settings
  • Primary healthcare systems advisors

We especially welcome applications from qualified candidates living and working in resource-poor settings globally, particularly those from Africa and the Middle East.

In some projects, the emphasis will be on the delivery of training (of trainers), whilst others will involve leading a project over a longer time period with several site visits as well as developing materials and advising on strategy and health systems change. Doctors and nurses would be expected to be available for four to six weeks international travel per year.  Systems Advisors are more likely to be desk-based and conduct their work remotely, though the ability to travel up to 2 weeks per year would be an advantage.

Click here for more information about the background, the work involved and the application process.

Please see the more detailed role descriptions below:


To apply, please write to You will need to send the following four things to be considered:

  • Your CV
  • completed application form
  • cover letter outlining how you fit the selection criteria in the relevant role description (link above) and why you are interested in the role.
  • A short written response to the task outlined at the end of the application process here.

The deadline for applications is Monday 4th March. UK based short-listed candidates will be invited to a selection event in Oxford on Friday 5th April. International applicants who are short-listed, and who are unable to travel to the event in Oxford, will be offered an alternative assessment method.