About Us

“The staff you trained as trainers-of-trainers are the ambassadors of NCD in their respective communities… I can say with confidence that the awareness in the community has improved.” Email excerpt from Refugee Camp, Rural Kenya

Our goal is to improve health outcomes by strengthening front-line health care at home and in health centres. PCI seeks to grow the capability of the workforce to learn and develop, raising clinical care standards, addressing related health systems issues, and ultimately delivering improved health outcomes across a range of settings. We have a reputation for blending international evidence and good practice with pragmatism and real-world thinking and doing.

Our initial focus is on addressing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) at the primary care level. We are working with partners across a range of settings in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, from the largest cities on the planet to the most remote refugee camps in the world. We have trained hundreds of clinicians and have developed acclaimed NCD guidelines adapted to a range of settings, using only essential medicines.

Now we are helping healthcare providers to combat the increasing burden of NCDs by providing evidence-based training, strategic support for innovation, and ongoing professional development (CPD) for healthcare staff worldwide – particularly in low- and middle-income settings.

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