What we’re looking for

We’re looking for projects with an ambition for large-scale impact, and – in collaboration with local partners – we’ll offer our support towards lasting solutions. We work with a range of organisations, from groups of hospitals or clinics to insurers, employers and Ministries of Health.

Are you involved with an ambitious NCD initiative? Do you know about a successful project we can learn from or collaborate with? Or do you have an idea with large-scale potential, for which you’d like help? You may be the kind of practical innovator we are looking for. We would like to talk with you if your project or idea includes:

  • Ambitious goals to track improvements over time
  • Healthcare delivery that works for other conditions, but not yet applied to NCDs
  • A long-term funding model (public, private or mixed)

Selected projects will receive a package of start-up support for practical innovation, from Primary Care International and other organisations.

Are you involved with such an initiative and interested in finding out more? We look forward to hearing from you.

We are also looking for co-investors to support us to scale up the Healthcare Innovation Programme – please get in touch if you have aligned business interests or philanthropic goals and would like to learn more about the programme.

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