Tales from Tindouf: Training Sahrawi doctors in exile

The landscape around Tindouf town is bleak and desolate, a wasteland of stone and sand, and drifts of spent plastic bags and bottles, blown by the desert winds. In a corner of this desert, between 90,000 and 150,000 Sahrawi people are trying to build an independent nation, in preparation for their hoped-for return to Western… Read more »

Tackling Chronic Disease in Primary Care – Reporting Back from Yangon

When we were first approached to work with local partners to strengthen clinical knowledge of diabetes and hypertension amongst primary care practitioners in Yangon, Myanmar, it sounded straightforward enough. Then when we learnt about the myriad of tiny private GP practices and the challenges of obtaining consistent advice and efficient referrals to secondary care, the… Read more »

Could you help with reviewing video footage?

We have a reasonable volume of video footage from recent training courses which we would like to be able to make use of in the future, however are in need of some help reviewing this before we can turn it into training content. So we are looking for a volunteer who has an interest in… Read more »

Microfinance as an entry point to community health care – a new Healthcare Innovation Programme partnership with AMPATH launches

PCI is excited to have launched a new partnership with AMPATH in rural Western Kenya as part of our Healthcare Innovation Programme. Through the Healthcare Innovation Programme, PCI partners with organizations which provide chronic disease care at community level in innovative, sustainable ways. Such programs are crucial to finding new ways to manage diseases like… Read more »

Cell Phones: A Gateway to Clinical Guidelines

Technology is transforming healthcare delivery around the world, and has the potential to transform healthcare training too. PCI has been developing a blend of technology-enhanced learning methods. These enable clinicians to update their knowledge regularly via content and interactive tests, refer quickly to the latest evidence-based guidelines, and discuss difficult cases with colleagues online. We’re… Read more »

PCI – EPI Partnership – News Announcement

PCI and EPI partner to promote effective doctor-patient consultations and reduce clinical risk Primary Care International has just launched a brand new 5-day GP Update course covering diabetes, CVD, respiratory medicine, cancer, women’s health, consultation skills and much more. In order to put together this unique learning package, PCI is delighted to be partnering with… Read more »

A new approach to family medicine in Egypt

PCI has just completed a training programme in Cairo with the innovative primary care organisation Tabibi24/7. In a recent study of Egyptian Medical Students, 90% of respondents agreed that family medicine (primary care} had a vital role to play in Egypt’s health care system but on 4% were considering it as a career option. Currently… Read more »

Blog from Bangladesh: Access to Healthcare for Citizens of Nowhere

Teaching doctors working in UNHCR camps with Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar, April 2016 I’m sitting on the balcony on the 8th floor of the hotel venue for our training courses in Cox’s Bazar, having completed training for my two batches of nurses and health counsellors who work with the refugees in (and near) the… Read more »

Could you be PCI’s new Clinical Course Lead?

An important strand of PCI’s work is delivering GP Update style courses in other high-income settings such as Sweden and Australia. As well as expanding access to an unbiased, pragmatic, evidence-based CME for GPs/family doctors in other countries, revenues generated from these courses are used to support our operational costs as we expand our work… Read more »