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The importance of people-centred care in treating NCDs

Confronting the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) requires an approach that is tailored to people, rather than diseases. Organisations that ensure such efforts are community-based and sustainable, and help people better engage with the health system have the best chances of success. Read our article on the importance of people-centred care in Re:solve Global Health.

Supporting mental health at the community level in Libya

Last year the UN expanded their focus NCD areas to include mental health. With World Mental Health Day taking place this week it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues and the responses taking place around the world. At PCI our partners have started to ask us to include elements of mental health more in our work supporting primary care. Then this year we really had the opportunity to put this into practice through working with Libyan clinicians.

Listening and learning: my experience of PCI’s NCD training in Burundi

When I told friends and family I was going to Burundi, many of them had to reach for a map. This was my first project visit with Primary Care International. We were in Burundi to provide training in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as hypertension and diabetes, to healthcare workers in the UNHCR health centres in both urban settings and in the camps.

PCI’s teamwork supports development of national guidelines in South Sudan

Adopting an iterative, pragmatic approach to guideline writing, the PCI clinical team has just concluded the co-writing of national level treatment guidelines for South Sudan. Drawing on a diverse bank of resources, our collaborative methodology enabled us to rapidly appraise the evidence base and produce high quality guidelines on a breadth of topics within just … Read more …

A ‘blended learning’ approach to training: focus on practical NCD management skills

The PCI team recently carried out a training with Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Jordan on providing NCD care in humanitarian settings for clinicians and medical programme managers working in MSF clinics in the region. This was the first time we used a ‘blended learning’ approach, where participants completed an e-learning course in advance of the … Read more …

Update on our partnership in Kenya: expanding access to quality health care

PCI is excited to be continuing our partnership with AMPATH and supporting their innovative work on primary healthcare. A key area of focus in this next phase will be the development of an ‘Operational Guidance’ manual: a practical guide to systems and infrastructure needed for setting up and running primary healthcare services. This will ensure … Read more …

Community primary care in action

We attended a group care meeting in Webuye, Kenya today and had the privilege of meeting Mercy*, who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Mercy is a new member of a microfinance group there and had just been seen by a clinical officer for NCD screening.  As part of the BIGPIC* project, health care clinics … Read more …