Your top 10 PCI stories from 2022

At PCI, we like to share news of our projects and opinion pieces on a range of themes related to primary care. Here are the biggest hits on our website in 2022! Did you miss any of them? You can check them out:

1. PCI appoints Steve Murigi as new CEO as we said goodbye to Julia Beart after four years of remarkable leadership, playing an instrumental role in the growth of the organisation.

  1. 2. For the second year running, Rethinking global healthworker education: the value of multi-directional learning is up on the list. A must-read! What does it mean to ‘build capacity’ of healthcare workers globally? Find out!
  2. 3. In 2022, we launched the Primary Care Practice series to capture learnings from PCI projects. The series is accessible to all, informs future applications and helps to generate debate on the wider application of PCl-trialled intervention models. Check out this popular read: A case study in collaboration on Global Hearts with WHO drawing on experience from Jordan, Sudan and Sint Maarten, our first paper in the series.
  3. 4. Our partnership with the Danish Red Cross, part of the International Red Cross Federation birthed the blog on Adapting NCD materials for humanitarian settings in the Middle East.
  4. 5. The Primary Care Practice series appears again with this second paper on A model for community NCD care in Uganda. The paper provides insight into our work on the utilisation of NCD care amongst self-funded (uninsured) individuals in partnership with LifeNet International.
  5. 6. Interestingly, this blog on Plastic bottles as inhaler spacers: improving the effectiveness of healthcare using clinical skills was originally posted in 2018 and featured in our 2021 highlights as well.
  6. 7. A major announcement in 2022 was our partnership with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to support Caribbean community health workers managing NCDs. Learn more about it.
  7. 8. We are honoured to be featured among the UK’s top social enterprises in the 2022 NatWest #SE100 Index.
  8. 9. 2022 was a good year of recognition and award for our work at PCI. We are glad you value our contributions. We received the prestigious UN Interagency Task Force for NCDs and the WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care Award in recognition of our work to strengthen primary healthcare and tackle NCDs globally.
  9. 10. Closing the list is our co-authored paper published in BMJ Global Health on ‘Strengthening the primary care workforce to deliver high-quality care for NCDs in refugee settings: lessons from a UNHCR partnership.’

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