Primary Care Practice launch: Adapting normative guidance for application in primary care

We are excited to launch the first article in our new Primary Care Practice* series: Adapting normative guidance for application in primary care: a case study in collaboration on Global Hearts with WHO drawing on experience from Jordan, Sudan and Sint Maarten.

Co-authored by Dr Slim Slama (WHO), Julia Beart (PCI) and Dr Philippa Harris (PCI Associate), with editorial oversight from Dr Devarsetty Praveen (The George Institute/PHCRC).

The WHO holds a unique remit producing normative clinical guidance which acts as an essential starting point for member states. Yet it may not always be straightforward to adopt this guidance across a wide range of settings and meet the needs of diverse populations. PCI has collaborated with both WHO and PAHO to support a number of member states to adapt their Global Hearts guidance to primary healthcare settings.

This paper considers the application of an intervention model to support uptake of the package across three distinct settings; Jordan, Sudan and Sint Maarten. The distinctiveness of the intervention model enables a diverse, multi-disciplinary group to come together: creating an environment for rapid, iterative engagement and for meeting well defined objectives for producing concise, pragmatic adaptations to guidance which can be endorsed by all.

The paper looks at the key components, findings and impacts of this model, as well as making recommendations for its replication. We hope it provides learning for others working in this area and generates debate on the wider application of such a model.

You can dowload the paper here.


*The series provides a platform to showcase the transformative power of strong, integrated primary healthcare. It aims to capture learning from PCI projects that can be accessible to all, inform future application and generate debate on the wider application of PCl-trialled intervention models. It supports delivery of one of PCl’s strategic goals: to promote low-cost intervention models for primary healthcare strengthening through testing of innovative approaches and dissemination of learning. The series is supported by a multi-disciplinary Editorial Panel: Dr Renzo Guinto, Dr Matthew Harris, Dr Catherine Kyobutungi, Prof Ana Mocumbi, Assoc Prof Adrianna Murphy and Dr Devarsetty Praveen.