PCI and Red Whale renew partnership to support healthcare workers around the world

Primary Care International (PCI) and Red Whale are delighted to announce a renewed partnership agreement between their two organisations.  As PCI’s founding sponsor, leading British medical educational provider Red Whale provided seed funding, resources and technical assistance and were instrumental to PCI’s inception in 2014. Since then PCI, a social enterprise working to strengthen primary healthcare globally, has developed new partnerships around the world, and grown in size and reach. In its role as a sister organisation, Red Whale has remained supportive throughout this time and key to the development of the social enterprise. Strengthening links between PCI and Red Whale will allow both organisations to benefit by finding opportunities to share best practice and resources across the sister organisations.

PCI have recently been working with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to strengthen clinical and community-based management of NCDs in refugee settings. They have been rolling out an NCD capacity building package for clinicians and health officials in East Africa, via the new PCI Academy.

I especially liked the focus in the course on leadership & management, and M&E. The workshops were refreshing, especially the case management, we shared experiences between countries. I have now carried out cascade training with doctors, health officers, nurses, midwives and community health workers. I followed up with some health workers at work and have seen them measuring blood pressure accurately, while some of them provided health education to diabetic cases. I am glad that my trainees have gained knowledge and skills and applied it to their patients. Pictured here is one of the nurses in our team demonstrating a practical skill during cascade training” (Dr. Bashir Dirie Jama from Somaliland)

Now this new partnership agreement will enable PCI to further grow their work strengthening the health workforce and health systems globally.

“We really appreciate the support that Red Whale has given us since our start. This renewed partnership means we can move nearer to our aim of reaching 25,000 healthcare workers by 2025.” (Julia Beart, CEO of PCI)

In the UK, Red Whale’s aim is to provide primary care clinicians with the best quality medical education – making their lives a little bit easier and enabling them to provide patients with the best care possible. And as a socially responsible organisation, they also want to see primary care clinicians and systems supported in resource poor settings – which is why they were a founding sponsor of PCI, and why they continue to sponsor this work.

“We’re delighted to continue supporting the fantastic work that PCI does to improve primary healthcare systems and to tackle the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) around the world. Red Whale was a founding sponsor of PCI, and we’re incredibly proud to support their work!” (Martin Haley, CEO of Red Whale)