PCI appoints Dorcas Gwata as new Chair

Primary Care International (PCI) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dorcas Gwata as Chair of the Board of Directors. Dorcas will take up this position from November 2021.

Dorcas is a Clinical Mental Health Nurse Specialist, originally from Zimbabwe. She has worked widely in the UK’s NHS, and across Africa and Asia.

As a passionate global health practitioner, she serves as the Co-Chair of Better Health, a network of African Diaspora Health Professionals in the UK, as a Policy Advisor at the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine, as a THET Advisor, as the Patron of Students for Global Health, and she has worked on the Mayor of London’s Public Health Group. She currently works as the Head of Global Programmes at the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

Healthcare for all

‘I am hugely honoured to take over as Chair of PCI at an exciting time, when the organisation is expanding its business model through innovation and diversity. I am all too aware and grateful for Peter Rose’s contribution as outgoing Chair of PCI and I am honoured to have his blessings and that of the team as I step into this new role. I look forward to contributing to the organisation as a collective, pushing on for more equal and accessible health care for all.’

Bold vision and leadership

I would firstly like to thank Peter Rose, our outgoing Chair, for his tireless commitment to PCI from its very beginnings round a kitchen table in 2013. As a Founding Member of PCI he will be much missed. I am now really excited to be embarking on a new chapter in partnership with Dorcas. I have no doubt that she will bring bold vision and leadership to PCI. We feel very lucky to have her on board as we move forward with new initiatives and innovations in support of healthcare workers around the world.’ (Julia Beart, CEO)

Under Dorcas’ leadership, PCI will be moving into the next phase of its organisational life, continuing to work in partnership to strength primary healthcare workforce and systems around the world, and driving forward its priorities and new strategy to reach 25,000 healthcare workers by 2025.

You can find out more about all the PCI Board members here.