Going live: launching the PCI Academy!

We are delighted to officially launch the PCI Academy with our inaugural online NCD course, in partnership with UNHCR.

The PCI Academy is PCI’s learning hub for primary care practitioners working globally. It’s our ‘home’ for learning.

The course being launched today – ‘Management of NCDs in primary care’ – consists of interactive self-paced e-learning modules, live workshops and online communities: bringing participants together to discuss challenges, share ideas and progress learning in practice. 30 primary healthcare workers from 10 countries across East Africa attended the welcome event with incredible energy and enthusiasm.

“The UNHCR and PCI partnership, established in 2014, is now going digital. This training is overdue in our region given the increasing trend in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in refugee operations. Between 2009 and 2020 over 730,000 refugees were treated for NCDs in the East and Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. A successful response to NCDs requires a health workforce with the necessary skills and expertise for NCD management. And for this reason UNHCR and PCI have partnered to provide this very important training.” (Mr Baseme Kulimushi, UNHCR Senior Operation Coordinator at the Regional Bureau for East, Horn of Africa and Great Lakes)

Once equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver quality NCD care, the course participants will then be supported to cascade this learning to colleagues, following PCI’s already proven Training of Trainers model.

We are excited about the potential to reach more front-line clinicians and to explore innovative ways to provide direct and practical support for improving NCD care to emerging leaders and NCD champions via our new Academy. We are honoured to continue to partner with UNHCR to deliver this unique programme and look forward to engaging with the participants in the coming months. ” (Dr Mamsallah Faal Omisore, PCI’s Clinical Director)

Initially focused on filling knowledge and skills gaps for long-term chronic disease management, the Academy’s broader focus will be integrated, patient-centred primary healthcare. Further modules have already been developed for primary care practitioners on a range of topics e.g Mental Health, Paediatrics, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. And we also offer digital literacy training and ongoing support to ensure the learning is as accessible as possible.

At PCI we work in partnership to develop relevant learning programme with clinicians, for clinicians. Our approach to learning takes account of the unique challenges that healthcare workers face, working in different settings around the world.

Increased online learning opportunities facilitates scaled up opportunities for primary workforce strengthening. The PCI Academy draws on our experience and global expertise in primary healthcare workforce strengthening across 28 countries with 15 partners over the past seven years.

We are excited to be launching this new chapter for our learning offer and continuing on our journey in supporting primary healthcare workers around the world.

Find out more about the Academy and what it offers here.


With thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund – via OxLep Business – for supporting the set-up of the PCI Academy.