We’re fundraising to update COVID-19 guidance for healthworkers globally

We have just launched a new fundraising appeal to allow us to update our online guidance on COVID-19 for frontline primary healthcare workers in resource poor settings around the world. With your support last year we rapidly mobilised to respond to requests for guidance– and quickly shared, for free, online COVID-19 e-learning content in English, French and Arabic. Over 3000 healthcare workers, from almost 80 countries round the world, have used this guidance so far.

Over a year on, we have learnt a lot about Covid but unfortunately the disease is gaining ground faster than ever. We have all seen the devastating headlines from countries like India and Myanmar. And only a few weeks ago we heard from the World Health Organisation that “Africa has just marked the continent’s most dire pandemic week ever. But the worst is yet to come as the fast-moving third wave continues to gain speed and new ground.” So we are asking for your help again. Guidance and treatment options have evolved – and we are getting new requests from healthcare workers for updated guidance – to allow them to make the best possible choices for their patients and their populations.

Click here to find out more how the current guidance supported Dr Edilu Robert, a clinician in Uganda:

“It was really important and useful to have training targeted specifically at primary care workers like us in resource-limited settings. I definitely found the mental health section one of the most important and necessary. As primary care practitioners we have faced huge challenges around both morale and stigma.”

We need your support to invest in the necessary updates to the content. Please donate what you can and share with your contacts.