Practical Innovation in Tackling NCDs

Last week in Nairobi, in partnership with Letshego, PCI hosted a strategic innovation workshop on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Thirty people from 18 invited organisations took part. They included representatives from two governments, and some of the world’s most experienced innovators in affordable primary healthcare.

The dynamic workshop format enabled participants to refine an NCD ‘Theory of Change’ which helps governments and healthcare providers identify gaps and set priorities. Interactive panel sessions and group discussions also facilitated sharing of novel practices, and participants homed in on four key themes: Primary Prevention; Screening and Case Finding; Adherence and Follow up; Financing.

Financing was viewed by many participants as the core theme requiring innovation. Examples were shared from different countries, including innovative use of ‘table banking’ (group microfinance) schemes linked with healthcare provision, and telemedicine to reduce costs while increasing access to referral centres.

“I am back from the workshop! It was fabulous, truly a great learning experience for me, first of its type on NCDs – at least for me.”

Some of the participants presented projects that are being taken forward for consideration as part of the Healthcare Innovation Programme, which is being prepared in partnership between PCI and Letshego with the goal of impacting NCD care across ten African countries where Letshego works, and beyond.

We’ll be posting further updates as the programme develops!