PCI – EPI Partnership – News Announcement

PCI and EPI partner to promote effective doctor-patient consultations and reduce clinical risk

Primary Care International has just launched a brand new 5-day GP Update course covering diabetes, CVD, respiratory medicine, cancer, women’s health, consultation skills and much more. In order to put together this unique learning package, PCI is delighted to be partnering with Effective Professional Interactions (EPI) who will deliver a one-day consultation skills training as part of the programme.

Consultation skills are often overlooked yet effective consultation behaviours can be transformational in doctor-patient relations, aiding efficient diagnosis and improving health outcomes. Effective consultations also reduce clinical risk and lower the risk of complaints and lawsuits.

As Malcolm Thomas, Director of EPI explains, “clinical consultations share some characteristics with business meetings in that there is often a lot to get through; time is tight, but if run well, all parties can achieve what they want. EPI is dedicated to helping clinicians to be more effective, for the benefit of their patients and themselves”.

Effective Professional Interactions is the UK’s largest specialists in skills based communication training for doctors, nurses and allied professionals. www.effectivepi.co.uk

Primary Care International is a social enterprise set up by GP Update and licensed to deliver programmes to international audiences. Proceeds from international courses are invested in PCI’s operational costs associated with the delivery of primary care projects in resource-poor settings across Africa and Asia. www.pci-360.com. For more information about the course which will run for the first time in January 2017, visit our course booking page here http://www.gp-update.co.uk/gp-update-5-day-course.  Designed specifically to meet the Continuous Medical Education needs of GPs working in the Gulf States, it is the only course of its kind in the UK to be entirely unbiased and free of pharmaceutical sponsorship.