Our new partnership in Libya: strengthening the primary health system

We’re delighted to be working with GIZ on a new project to promote a strengthened primary health workforce in Libya. The years of conflict and instability in Libya have had severe implications on the country’s health system and health workforce.  The World Health Organisation calls its primary care system ‘debilitated’ and there has been an … Read more …

Managing Covid a year on: stigma, skills and solidarity

Last week we caught up with Dr Edilu Robert in Uganda after he obtained the certificate of completion from PCI’s COVID-19 e-learning course. A year after the first Ugandan presidential address on COVID-19, Robert shared feedback on the training module, as well as discussing the broader impact of the pandemic on the community where he … Read more …

Our 2020 Annual Report – out now!

In 2020 we supported healthcare workers with digital resources in 80 countries around the world, we worked directly with our partners in 10 countries and we produced 108 hours of digital interactive learning. Find out some of the stories behind these figures in our new Annual Report 2020: a year that shone a spotlight on … Read more …

Primary health workforce learning in an era of COVID-19: is digital delivery here to stay?

The latest in our ‘Primary Care Perspectives’ series sees us ‘in conversation’ with PCI Project Managers and colleagues: discussing their experience of the strengthening and development of primary health workforce capacity since COVID-19. Are we seeing a long-term fundamental shift in how this will be done? Or will things be ‘back to normal’ in a year’s time?

Social enterprise models can show us the way in reimagining health systems

What do sewing machines, digital platforms and micro-savings groups have in common? They are all tools used by social enterprise to create community cohesion – and keep those communities healthier. Published first in social enterprise magazine ‘Pioneers Post’, Julia Beart, Angela Chaudhuri, Nigel Crisp and Patricia Odero explore the role of agile, responsive social enterprises in creating social good, and their contribution to the Covid-19 response around the globe.

PCI joins the panel of WHO’s ‘NCD Hard talks’

Our Clinical Director, Dr Mamsallah Faal-Omisore shared experiences from our work in WHO’s ‘NCD Hard Talks’ webinar series.  With the focus on ‘Building an NCD Ready Workforce’, Mamsallah shared how PCI has supported the expansion of the breadth and depth of NCD care in a number of different settings by working with PHC health workers … Read more …

Ensuring access to NCD services: spotlight on the key role of primary care

The latest in our blog series ‘Primary Care Perspectives’ looks at the unique, and critical, role of primary healthcare in ensuring continuity of NCD care during a global health emergency. It shares first-hand the challenges being faced by the health system in Mozambique, many of which are common to resource-poor settings globally.

The Unpaid Debt of Underinvestment in Public Health

Limited progress on the social determinants of health has left populations in Kenya and elsewhere vulnerable to COVID-19. While the bill is past due, we have the opportunity to use the novel coronavirus as a wake-up call to start balancing the accounts