A recipe for disaster: COVID-19 and chronic diseases amid humanitarian crises

We know that the combination of COVID-19, chronic diseases and poverty present a global health emergency: a ‘perfect storm’. But what does this mean in places with even greater fragility, conflict and uncertainty, especially now that funding for the humanitarian sector is at risk.

Post-Covid future for nurses: focus on leadership for long-term change

Kidest Nadew and Enrique Castro-Sánchez, nurses and members of Primary Care International (PCI) Clinical Associate network, share their thoughts and experiences for International Nurses Day on what nurses globally need to thrive. COVID-19 has brought home the key role of frontline health workers and the importance of a strong and supported primary care team: and … Read more …

Bridging the gap at global forum on NCDs

The Global NCD Alliance Forum aims to convene, unite and mobilise NCD civil society. The focus of the third biennial forum was: ‘Bridging the gap’: looking to accelerate global efforts to turn policy and commitments into action for people and communities most affected. PCI’s Jane Lennon attended the event, representing the UK Working Group on … Read more …