Our story

In 2014, Primary Care International (PCI) was launched as a social enterprise to address a global gap in quality primary care.

We were founded by Red Whale | GP Update, a leading UK provider of continuous medical education.

Red Whale, who train 13,000 doctors in the UK every year, are acclaimed for their work in synthesising latest UK and international evidence and best-practice into practical applications.

Red Whale are proud to be completely free from pharmaceutical sponsorship. They tell it like it is – not how big pharma would like you to hear it!

PCI have drawn on this work and used it to build our role internationally. Our agile and non-bureaucratic approach, alongside our ‘deployable’ clinical experience (a practitioner-to-practitioner approach) means we can provide flexible and expert support in primary health care strengthening in diverse settings around the world.

Since 2014 we have learnt a lot from our partners. Our Healthcare Innovation Programme (2015-2019) in particular has supported new and innovative ways of looking at healthcare.  This learning has informed our thinking around the building blocks of primary healthcare in diverse settings, which is strengthening our work with partners worldwide.