Our Ethics & Principles

Our Ethics

We believe that healthcare is a human right. We pursue ways of working that uphold ethical approaches that safeguard and promote:

  • Legitimacy – by ensuring multiplicity (of voices and capacities) in our work, partnering around shared vision and working with humility and authenticity
  • Integrity – by embedding truth and transparency in our purpose and methods
  • Freedoms – by strengthening healthcare in a manner that is fully respectful of all forms of diversity and individual rights
  • Equity – by combining inclusivity with fairness whilst combating discrimination

Our Sustainable Impact Principles

PCI is driven by our focus on creating sustainable impact on improved health and well-being for individuals, communities, and societies.

  • A pragmatic, evidence-based health systems approach: using population health principles to influence integrated, compassionate, people-centred care within a healthcare ecosystem of providers, institutions and communities
  • Relevance: Diverse primary care practitioner-led project teams bringing lived experience on the frontline of the healthcare system to bear on entrenched challenges
  • Curiosity: A creative co-learning mind-set with a focus on continuous improvement and shared learner journeys
  • Innovation: an agile, creative and solution-focused approach to international cooperation and exchange through bold partnerships and programmes
  • Community: a commitment to the health and well-being of our teams
  • Commitment to planetary health: understanding the inter-connected needs of people and planet; reducing ecological harm; supporting mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate-resilient healthcare (see seperate section below)

Download our Vision, Mission, Ethics and Principles statement

Our Legal Status

PCI is registered company limited by guarantee. As a social enterprise (we are an official member of Social Enterprise UK) and registered Community Interest Company (CIC), PCI invests any surplus income each year back into its operations, enabling us to develop and grow our impact.

Partnership policy

Partnership is at the centre of PCI’s operating model. Therefore, to maintain our integrity, values and transparency, we have developed a Partnership Policy with clear principles and criteria to consider before entering into any partnership.

Download our Partnership Policy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

PCI is committed to providing equal opportunities for all, irrespective of age, disability, marital or partnership status, religion/belief, working pattern, caring responsibilities, gender and gender identity, race and sexual orientation. We recognise the value of diversity and seek to promote this in all aspects of our work, and we have set out specific undertakings to create a more diverse, inclusive and open organisational culture.

Download our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion statement

Planetary health

Human health is inextricably linked to planetary health and every organisation has a part to play. PCI’s Commitment to Planetary Health outlines our framework for action and priorities, within three key strands:

    • Risk mitigation / moving towards zero harm as an organisation
    • Intentional integration of planetary health perspectives into PCI programmes
    • A commitment to partnerships around planetary health

Download our Commitment to Planetary Health

Code of conduct

Drawing on best practice in the sector, including advice from sector membership organisation BOND, all those working for PCI sign up to a code of conduct, which is firmly rooted in universal values of respect and non-discrimination.

Download the Code of Conduct