• What we do

    We believe that everyone should be able to access quality healthcare to enable them to live full and healthy lives. The best route to this is through integrated primary healthcare, delivered by skilled and resourced healthcare workers.

    We work with partners to strengthen the primary healthcare workforce and the systems around them, with a particular focus on NCDs.

    By 2025 we aim to reach 25,000 healthcare workers globally, caring for 7 million people.

    We will do this by combining an integrated, patient-centred approach to care with a population health perspective.




    Together with our partners, we produce pragmatic, actionable guidance, learning resources and toolkits drawing on our global experience as well as international



    Bridging the gap between policy and action, we offer evidence-based training and mentoring, build leadership cadres and facilitate cascade of knowledge and skills.



    We support needs analysis and priority setting for the wider transformation of primary healthcare systems. We test innovative models designed as demonstration projects
    for scale up by others.


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