• Why?

    We believe that everyone should be able to access quality healthcare to enable them to live full and healthy lives. The best route to this is through integrated primary healthcare but under-investment in primary care systems and workforce has resulted in fragile. fragmented systems, especially in resource-poor settings.

    Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) pose an increasing impact on already overstretched health systems and health workers. The burden of these diseases is rising disproportionately among low- and middle-income countries and populations, and the risk of dying prematurely from an NCD is almost double that in high-income countries. Without a strong primary health care system, NCDs are often unrecognised until they cause significant disability or premature death, as well as making people more vulnerable to infectious disease.

    Innovative solutions to ensure strong primary health workforce and systems – are urgently needed, particularly in low and middle income countries.


  • What we do

    PCI works with partners to strengthen the primary healthcare workforce and the systems around them, with a particular focus on NCDs. We advise and support our partners across a range of building blocks of primary care to improve the quality of care and to strengthen clinical and community-based management of healthcare.


    Together with our partners, we produce pragmatic, actionable guidance, learning resources and toolkits drawing on our global experience as well as international evidence.


    Bridging the gap between policy and action, we offer evidence-based training and mentoring, build leadership cadres and facilitate cascade of knowledge and skills.


    We support needs analysis and priority setting for the wider transformation of primary healthcare systems. We test innovative models designed as demonstration projects for scale up by others.

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